Michelle Arieu graduated in 2010 with a First from Nottingham Trent University, School of Art & Design. In August 2010 she joined Backlit Studios, where she set up her studio practice. Backlit Studios is an artist led collective in Nottingham that provides an exploratory curatorial space and collaborative cross-art form working for emerging artists.

Earlier works, the “Porcellana” series 2010-2011 explores geometry and light in a figurative and representational illustrative manner. The “Duomo” series 2010-2011, recreates an evocative and abstract architectural habitat, through carefully constructed geometry and optical effects, exploring form, light and negative space with porcelain as a medium.

Latest developments in her work in 2013 explore issues around architecture and beliefs. In doing so, her work acquires volume through three dimensional constructed forms emotionally charged with symbolism. This is apparent in her series entitled “Faith”, in wood, porcelain and neon. The acquisition of neon glass making skills has been financially supported by the New Ashgate Gallery Rising Stars 2012 Prize. Michelle has attended neon glass making sessions at Wakefield to develop the series “Faith”. The wood and porcelain works are made in her studio at Backlit.

Faith series borrows and is evocative of the architecture of pyramids and religion; the neon light allows the architecture of the piece to emerge through the translucency of the porcelain that covers its surface. It alludes and makes reference to values and beliefs often charged with emotional connotations and meaning: beliefs around life and death.